How I feel about the world

So I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I guess it’s been wearing me down. I just keep thinking about how much I hate the world. All of the idiots are breeding at an alarming rate, but the good, smart, and successful people only care about their lives and careers. I just feel like the world, let alone the country, isn’t going to improve if it keeps trending in this downward direction it’s been going in. It’s hard to think positively about something that’s so filled with negativity, it’s just been hard looking forward to life lately.


#6: Double Standards

(Taken from “Professional Privilege Checkers Inc.”)

Double Standards
Music video with half naked men dancing:funny
Music video with half naked women dancing:sexist and objectifying
All man’s college:sexist
All woman’s college:empowering
MRA:sexists and rape apologists
Woman checking out a guy and calling him hot:normal
Man checking out a girl and calling her hot:objectifying
Men’s rights:a joke
Woman’s rights:a serious issue
My boyfriend tries to take a bag into a store:sir you have to leave that by the door. We don’t want anyone stealing anything
I try to take my purse into the exact same store:go right ahead miss
Man pays for dinner:What a responsible man, taking care of his girl
Woman pays for dinner:What a horrible man she has, making her pay!
Man calls a woman a slut:Objectifying
Woman calls a man a douche:”You tell ’em, girl!”
Man goes into Victoria’s Secret with his girlfriend:”Ew, pervert, why does he have to be in here, go outside who cares if its raining!” (yeah that actually fucking happened)
Woman goes into a sex store:”Wow so cool, she isn’t afraid to come in here!”
Gay men:gross
Gay women:so fucking hot
Man cries:weakling
Woman cries:she must have broken down, poor dear
Man hits a woman:disgusting sexist pig
Woman hits a man:He must have provoked her
Man rapes a woman:”what a pig! he deserves to die”
Woman rapes a man:”Well, he had an erection, he obviously wanted it. Not rape.
Woman is in the military:”Wow, what a brave courageous girl”
Man is in the military:He must not have been smart enough to do anything else