Vermillion (Poem)

I’ve been listening to Vermillion Pt. 2 by Slipknot lately, and one day I was just inspired to write a poem based off of it. Hope you guys enjoy it.

She sleeps in white but dreams in black
Stepping on grass and shards of shattered glass
He sky is faded and void of color
Her dreams are filled with her vanished lover

Her once pure dress is covered in dirt
The one that she has worn since birth
It flaps in the wind she doesn’t feel
She lives in a world that isn’t real

She sings the song that nobody else sings
Wraps the gifts that no one else needs
She keeps everything locked up inside herself
She’s the victim that nobody tries to help

It’s spring but she feels colder than winter
She is a deep and hidden splinter
Stuck inside of me that I can get out
She’s silent even when she wants to shout


#2: Just a little tidbit

This is my second blog post in as many days, and I wanna make this post quick. Game 7 between Los Angelis and Chicago will be on in about 15 minutes and I’m hyped for it. I have a lot of things on my mind at the moment, like improving my grades, looking for any ways to make money that I can that are legal (due to having no job), and other various little things. This past year has really showed me how tough the economy is, and even though a lot of people have jobs that doesn’t mean I’m gonna get hired. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a juvenile that nobody want’s working at the business, I help out the community via the group I’m currently in, and have a mostly good reputation, but still things don’t really work out. The lowest point of this past year was not getting hired to McDonalds after my interview, I mean c’mon. What really pissed me off is some of the people that they did hire, like this one kid showed up high to work almost everyday and I barely even show up to school high. But I’ve gotten over it.

I just wan’t to say, when I have some free time I’m gonna throw around some ideas on how to make this blog more visibly appealing, and how to make my blog unique and fresh. This month is going to be ‘hella’ busy for me and I just hope I can make it out alive. This is just a little tidbit for you guys, and I hope you come through tomorrow and check out my next post. Better days are on the way.