#9: It’s Been a While

So it has been just over 4 Months since I last posted on here, so let me get you caught up. My main computer is shit, my laptop didn’t even work when I got it, so I really have had no applicable platform (I hate posting from my phone). Currently I’m in the school library finishing up on a project on Sociobiology, and I really have nothing better to do. I remember when I started to blog and how passionate I was about it and getting my opinions and messages out to the public, but recently I haven’t really cared enough to post on here, but recently I’ve wanted to start blogging again. {10/8}

The world is a lot different today than it was 4 months ago, with the outbreak of Ebola and the rise of the terrorist group Isis. I don’t blame people for being a little bit frightened of what the future may bring, but to be completely honest I’m not really scarred. The fear of Ebola spreading throughout the United States isn’t something that keeps me up at night, and I don’t know any one else who is. Maybe if it infiltrated Massachusetts I might be a little more worried. As for Isis, right now they have put out 4 videos of “Westerners” getting decapitated, along with a woman getting beheaded in Oklahoma. If I had to chose though, I am more worried about Ebola than Isis right now, but the worry isn’t affecting me in any way. Another hot-button topic is the NFL and how much of a mess they are, relating to their image and public relations. There has been multiple occasions were an NFL player committed domestic violence, and one occasion where an NFL player has been accused of child abuse for hitting his child with a tree branch for discipline, but the child was shown to have injuries on or around the genital area. The 3 most noteworthy of the accused are (or I should say were) star players on their teams (Greg Hardy, Ray Rice & Adrian Peterson). {10/9}

Alright that’s enough with the negativity and violence. For me life has been up and down in this little ‘break’ period that I’ve had, but recently it’s pretty good. Recently I broke my finger and got it evaluated yesterday and they say it’s healing fine, and I don’t feel any pain in it, and can bend it a lot more than I could before. School started up over a month ago and so far it’s been pretty good actually. My Dad is on the verge of signing a record deal, possibly as soon as Saturday. He is currently working with a mix of musicians from local bands Bad Karma, Third Knuckle, and his band. I do feel like a bum because I really haven’t been looking for a job until recently, and haven’t been doing much of anything productive, just chilling and doing nothing, so hopefully I get a call back soon and get a job. Well that’s all I have to say, soon I’ll be getting back to the usual posts because my laptop just got fixed. Thanks to those who have and are sticking with me, I will aim to give you some of the best and truthful blog posts that you could look for.


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