#5: The best classroom discussion of the year

I really wish I published this yesterday but I didn’t get home til wicked late and had other shit to do. That’s not really important though, I still remember a good amount of the discussion. So I was in 4th block and my teacher started talking about McCarthyism. Now at that moment I wasn’t very interested due to the fact he talked about that and Joseph McCarthy for the past 2 days, but here’s where it got good.

He brought up the fact that ridicule is a great weapon, because when you accuse someone of being a rapist or a racist, then they are immediately antagonized and often times it can shut them up. He also talked about how women can claim that they were raped or beaten and they are automatically victimized, even if there isn’t any evidence. He also talked about how black people can do a similar kind of thing. Lets says a black and white person get into a fight, if the black guy calls the white man a cracker, then it isn’t a legitimate hate crime, but if the white person calls the black person a nigger, then its no doubt a hate crime. Even if there is no evidence to support the black persons claim, people automatically assume the white person to be a racist. It’s all because blacks are part of a protected class, and women are as well. Some black people also say that modern day whites should be punished for what our ancestors did, and I just think to myself “Fuck you, you didn’t live there life you piece of shit.” I just hate how people try to use that same stupid ass revenge for our ancestors shit to justify every outrageous fucking claim they make, or even in some cases to justify their crimes on white people.

He soon asked the class if any of them have been following the whole issue on the ‘Washington Redskins’ and how people in congress want that name to change, due to it being offensive. Now my teacher has a lot of the same views as I do, and a good amount of the class seems to for that matter. Anyways, one of the kids in my class brought up how he would be proud if there was a team that was named after his people (All the students in my class but one are white, and the one kid isn’t even fully black) and how he wouldn’t be offended, as having a team named after your people is actually holding them in high regard, kind of like celebrating them. Another kid who I’m good friends responded saying “So what, if I had a sports teams it would be acceptable to called them The Niggers.” (By the way my teacher is pretty deaf, and he’s only like 50). Now this was a tricky topic for me to get an opinion on, as Matt has a great point, but I don’t see any actual Redskins getting offended, and the word Redskin is nowhere as bad as Nigger.

Soon enough, just like I thought it would, the teacher started talking about feminism. He said that there are feminists and then there are extreme feminists, aka feminazis. A good amount of the class displayed their dislike of them, and rightfully so. There wasn’t very much discussion about this topic and quite frankly that was the end of the nice little half hour discussion.



  1. As it turns out, after the fall of the Soviet Union and some of their archives on spies and collaborators were revealed, it turned out that it was even worse that McCarthy thought. It was Soviet spies who stole secrets from the U.S. that led to them building their first atomic bomb.

    As it turns out McCarthy was often right and was the target of left wing smears and character assassination that goes on even today.


    • Yeah he briefly went over that the other day and brought up a good point on how there should be a different word to replace McCarthyism and stuff like that.

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