Introduction into my world

So, it’s 1:07 AM where I live. This is only my 3rd blog post ever and the other 2 were autistic children in a world of vicious animals and masterminds, they were set up to fail. So what will make this post different, well a lot of things. I’ve taken some time to research and realize how fucking clueless I was when it came to this shit, no wonder why I only got a total of like 14 reads on both of my posts. What changed is the fact that I thought to myself ‘What’s the worst thing that could happen if I say 100% what I feel about certain things, no matter how controversial my views and opinions are.’

If you don’t like my post of agree with my views on anything, then I suggest you just get the fuck off of my blog. If you do enjoy my blog than your time reading will be rewarded as they will get better and more interesting as the days go by.


  1. Hey, welcome, Midnight Wolf! It takes time to get a new blog off the ground. Actually, 14 hits early on isn’t really that bad. I’ve learned it’s just as important to read other people’s blogs as it is to write your own. People tend to stay away from really long posts. And readers always gravitate to posts that include a picture. Anyway, say what ya mean and mean what ya say! Best of luck!

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